"I am enamored with glass as a workable medium. Its ability to freeze motion and to appear liquid in a solid state intrigues me most. My driving motivation to work with glass is the process: the heat, the smoke, and the teamwork. My approach to glass stemmed out of my formal training as a potter. When I worked in clay, I had an affinity for unglazed wood-fired vessels. The rough texture invites physical contact which is the opposite with most glass objects. I am inspired by clay, a far more tactile medium, to create glass objects that invite touch and exploit the tactile quality that glass can possess."


Since 1982 glass has had a constant presence in my life. Our relationship has been enhanced and explored with some of the world’s glass masters, but predominantly my knowledge of this magic material is built on day-to-day experience and practice in my studio. This path has led me to a fairly simple artistic approach; trust the glass, have fun, accept mistakes, study nature and search for beautiful forms and colors inherent in glass’ personality.


Mary Frances produces designer handmade handbags, purses and accessories hand beaded and just right for your unique personality.


"My work has been greatly influenced by my love of nature and the wonders it has to offer us. I have tried to incorporate my fondness for flowers and gardens with glass to vreate an impressionistic vision of the landscape. For me, the flowers are small worlds filled with colors and shapes that produce incredible beauty. The glass murrinis in my work represent the flower. These flowers together become a field of color floating between grasses and stones. This is much like a millefiore, a million flowers. My intention is to evoke a feeling of serenity and solitude, an homage to nature."


Tina is a third generation artist and is known for hyper-realism in watercolor, acrylic and gouache. In addition to her painted offerings, Tina manages Multitudes Gallery and with her husband Lee, creates wonderful garden art for The Coop Around Us.


Dane has been creating the most mesmerizingly beautiful dichroic glass pendants for Multitudes Gallery for several years now. Dichroic glass is glass which displays two different colors by undergoing a color change in certain lighting conditions.


Sarah Cavender designs and produces several new seasonal collections each year. She specializes in metal mesh jewelry, belts and handbags. Each piece is hand-made to order by local artisans under Sarah's supervision in Oxford, Alabama, using materials made primarily in the USA with stones imported from Europe.


"I’m a Glass Minimalist. This term is not descriptive of the work itself as many of my designs are quite ornate; rather, it defines the process. Glassblowing is an ancient art form. The tools and techniques available to the modern glass worker vary little from those used by previous generations. I believe too many glassblowers rely on traditional, complicated techniques to define their work. My belief is that the concept should be of more importance than the techniques that created them. The years involved in learning the skills to master blown glass is a life long commitment, finding the balance between design and perfecting the process is the constant challenge. Glass can be disguised to look like other materials, but not many other materials can look like glass. I think of glass as a lens to the subconscious. I endeavor to create objects that stimulate the optic nerves of the brain and uses color as a mood-enhancer. It’s a simple concept, minimal."


"I am an artist and art educator as well as a creator of sacred space for women's soul work. I have great passion around relationships, including relationship with self, others, and Life. My art is inspired by myth, symbol, and whatever my life story is at the present moment. Most often my art is meant to bring joy and affirmation around life transitions and transformations."


Kenny Pieper was born in Birmingham, Alabama and raised in the mountains of North Carolina. He began his craft career in high school when he studied at the Penland School of Crafts. Initially, he studied pottery with Norm Schulman and Cynthia Bringle. Later, he found his passion for glass under the tutelage of Richard Ritter. After high school, Kenny moved to Detroit under scholarship at the Center for Creative Studies; he subsequently received his B.F.A. from California College of Art and Design, Oakland, CA. he then spent 16 years working as a glassblower in the San Francisco East Bay area. Kenny’s career came full circle when he left California and moved back to North Carolina. While constructing a studio there, He worked at Penland School and managed the glassblowing and lampworking studios. It was during this fruitful time that he developed his expertise in the tradition of Italian glass. Kenny now resides in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. Reflecting the harmony and beauty of his surroundings, Kenny produces an exquisite line of glass vessels and sculpture.


The Michael Michaud Jewellery Collection, designed by Michael Michaud, is a world renowned collection of botanical jewellery. It captures the beauty and exquisite detail of nature using soft patinas on bronze accented with pearls, beads, coral and stones. His exacting attention to detail gives you true to nature, botanical jewellery.


"My fascination with the intricate patterns of the natural world and my love of color are reflected in my work. I work in a series format that allows my ideas to evolve slowly as I explore the way glass of different colors interacts. Although a specific reference to nature is often intended, I enjoy the fact that people form their own interpretations. What is important is to capture the viewer’s imagination."


Blenko Glass Company has been a family owned and operated company since 1893. We have been located in Milton, WV since 1921. With Exquisite color, skilled craftsmen, and imaginative designs have made Blenko famous in the time-honored craft of hand-blown glass. In a world of ever increasing automation, we at Blenko pride ourselves in paying particular attention to the forms and designs of our hand crafted products. We all need, now more than ever, hand-made possessions that are unique and inspiring.


Tommie Rush, a native of Mobile, Alabama, is a glass artist who lives and maintains a studio, Tomco Inc., in Knoxville, Tennessee. She began her early studies in ceramics which ultimately lead her to working in glass. By 1980, Tommie Rush began to share a studio space with renowned artist Richard Jolley, whom she married several years later. Through tireless experimentation and the development of custom blended glass mixed in the studio, Tommie Rush has created a unique and identifiable style which has been celebrated in over 75 exhibitions.


An established glass artist with a presence in museum collections around the world, Curtiss Brock founded CB Glass as a vehicle for developing limited edition blown glass pieces that focus on function and originality of design. He challenges himself as a craftsman and a designer to create accessible work. He is persistently interested in the way light and glass interact. Many of his pieces change colors or cast beautiful shadows in the presence of strong light.


Over 17 years ago I began experimenting with many alternative materials and objects to create jewelry. Through self-taught methods, I found that designing was a natural medium of expression for me. As my art evolved, I began working in larger format to create sculpture as well. I usually don't have a vision of the work beforehand but usher in an intuitive process which helps me to "see" and complete my pieces. With the completion of each piece, there arrives a clarity in its design about beauty or balance or a human condition or emotion.


Her current work in fine art is a ‘return to the heart’ for her as she chooses a good value pattern, over detail and honors mystery, over completeness. She enjoys painting still life in her studio and landscape en plein air. Her paintings capture a feeling of timelessness and often bring a passionate, emotional response to her subject. Largely self-taught, Kathy has had the fortune to study with Ramon Kelly, Qiang Huang, Marla Bagetta, Kim Lordier and other modern masters over her 30+ year career as an artist. She holds in high regard the Tonalist painters of the turn of the century for their ability to capture diffused light and create within their paintings a meaningful silence.


Laurie Pollpeter Eskenazi has worked with clay for over 25 years. As a little girl, she was fascinated with the items found on and in her Grandmother’s dresser. It was filled with old button boxes, crazy quilts, and hand tatted lace. Laurie is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her pottery is inspired by the traditional needle crafts made by women in the 19th and early 20th century. Using a combination of wheel throwing, coil, and slab techniques she transforms vintage designs into contemporary stoneware. The work is somewhat spontaneous. She strives for a non-manicured organic look, by layering impressions taken from vintage lace, buttons, and hand made stamps. Influenced by the colors and textures found in her travels throughout France, Italy, Spain and the rural Midwest, her pallet is lush and vibrant. Laurie Pollpeter Eskenazi is perhaps most notably collected for her mastery of glaze patterning and critical attention to detail. Her work possesses a feminine, playful touch that speaks to contemporary sensibilities with bits of nostalgia woven into each piece.


Born in Kansas City in 1946, Dutch spent his childhood in Missouri. He received his degree from the University of Missouri after studying Art and Art History at Wagner College in Bregenz, Austria. Upon graduation he turned to sculpture, working in clay and woodcarving. By 1975 he was living on the south coast of Oregon and casting his sculptures in glass. He established his own glass studio and gallery in 1990, where he created large-scale blow-glass vessels as well as his cast sculpture. Now he works exclusively in kiln-casting, with a focus on figurative forms cast in crystal.


"Glass is often described as a super-cooled liquid, but I prefer to think of it as static motion. I try to design pieces that retain the organic character of their molten state. Using primarily transparent colors and a few well-placed stripes, my pieces highlight the material’s transparency, fluidity and potential for brilliant coloration. Rather than making works that demand to be center stage, I envision my pieces as quiet assistants, subtly enhancing the environments they are placed in."


Loretta Eby received her BFA in Glass, with minors in Printmaking and Drawing, from the Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH in 1981. She has continued her education at the Penland School of Crafts, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, and the Pilchuck School of Glass. Her emphasis since college has been on hot glass, working in and managing several studios before opening her own studio in 1985. "My idea of a good time is finding a new junk yard or farm equipment salvage lot. It's way more fun than mall shopping."


Michael Vincent Michaud experienced first- hand the art of creating handmade jewelry and metal objects as a young man. Surrounded by the skilled craftsmen at his father’s studio he envisioned combining the master craftsmanship of his father with his own true love of art glass.


"My work includes a variety of genres, based on vessel forms. Inspired by nature and ancient artifacts my sculpture is an exciting combination of the cast and blown glass techniques, reinterpreting a tradition of glass forming used by the Romans over three thousand years ago. Starting a new work I always feel a need to balance my ideal of a finished piece with the realities of the material and my experience of the moment. Hoping to create a meeting of two conflicting ideas my final pieces present issues of contrast and coexistence. The creative and technical processes are integral partners in the art making process. The goal is to create ultra modern artifacts, individual objects that can enhances the living environment, questioning preconceived notions of material and time. I am drawn to the glass medium because the fluidity makes it an expressionist art form, transparency brings the colors to life, and the contrasts between textures enhances the perception of rough and smooth surfaces. These are many of the qualities I feel within my being and the artistic process is the way to share my appreciation of the human drama of this our short time on earth."


"As a gardener, cook, mother, and potter, I think a lot about food. It makes me so happy to serve something I know to be nourishing. I think that is why making pots seems so special to me. I love setting a table full of different bowls and plates and trays containing wholesome foods. When I am in my studio making pots, I consider how I intend the pots to be used. Different pots for different foods. I work in series, and try to improve the form on each successive pot. The rhythm of my kickwheel, and the pace of making slab work are just the right speed for me. When I glaze my pots I consider how foods will be presented in the pottery. I draw bold patterns on my simple pots. I try to bring something of an urban sensibility to traditional forms and techniques. The environmental implications of my craft are important to me, so I make my firings carbon neutral by using waste wood from the local saw mill to fire my kiln. I appreciate the connection that tending the fire affords. Wood crackles quietly and I am directly involved with the kiln. I love that the fire, ash, and salt make their mark on my pots. I aim to make pots with integrity that radiate sweetness and joy."


Angela Duffin creates unique hand-fabricated sterling silver and mixed-metal jewelry with semi precious stones. Her designs are inspired by a background in textile design as as well as organic forms found in nature. The interweaving of metal and color combine to create intricate and wearable works of art. The metal is highly polished and with a patina finish to further add depth and color. Each piece is handmade and one-of-a-kind.


"I love the glass blowing process, and not just becasue it is hot, dirty work that somebody has to do. I was passionate about it from the moment I first gathered molten glass from the furnace. I find nothing as exciting as shaping this hot material - material that you can never actually touch, and yet have an intimate relationship with."


The mission of Eangee Home Design is to provide eco-friendly, fair trade home goods. We focus on unique designs that are a collaboration of our experience and the creative minds of the artisans with whom we work. Eangee Home Design believes in fair trade practices which means that all members of our producer groups have access to a dignified working environment, living wages, healthcare, continuing education, and quality housing. Our products are eco-friendly being composed of renewable and/or recycled materials with food based dyes and low-impact finishes. By providing quality goods in this manner, we hope to fill peoples homes with goods that make them smile while supporting artisans and other people worldwide.


In 1993 April Wagner began creating glass artwork that she signed with the name "epiphany". The name "epiphany" represents a series of colorful, contemporary semi-abstracted vessel shapes. The process used for creating the epiphany work is traditionally termed "fazzoletto", which means the glass is blown in a free form manner. This is an ancient technique developed and mastered by Italian glass blowers in the 1930’s. The epiphany pieces are created referencing the Italians, but adding a contemporary twist that consists of complex color theory and a unique way of sculpting solid glass bits onto the exterior of the pieces. No molds are used during the creation of these pieces. No matter what style of work is being created, April maintains that every piece has a high level of craftsmanship, creativity, and that overall excellence is achieved.


"Wood Wildflowers is a collaboration between father and son. All of the work we produce is based on our love of nature. Our flower designs begin with extensive photographic research. Sometimes we're able to grow the flower and take notes of the shapes, color and texture during the blooming stages. We choose a flower to model based on color, shape, and simple elegance. Once we’ve decided on a flower, art meets engineering."


Peacock Park Design is a wholesale distributor of European chic home decor; decorative accessories for the home and garden with an antique inspired edge. Partners Gina Galvin and Adam Marcial have joined together to create Peacock Park Design, where Gina, our very talented and passionate designer, is perpetually creating new and exciting creations for our line. The company was started at the end of 2008 and has been recognized in Where Women Create, Victoria Magazine, House Beautiful, Country Living, among other publications. Peacock Park Design is dedicated to creating unique and new products at incredible prices.


These meticulously hand-crafted wind chimes are precision-tuned to A440 (standard orchestral pitch). Our elegant design features central tube suspension, with smoothly polished tube ends to prevent cord abrasion. The tempered aluminum alloy tubing is custom-manufactured to our exacting specifications and will never rust. The tubing is coated with a sleek black corrosion-protective finish that provides durability in all kinds of outdoor environments.


Highly fragranced WoodWick candles by Virginia Gift Brands feature a natural wooden wick to create the soothing sound of a crackling fire while a RibbonWick Candle transforms the room by engaging your senses with its hypnotic flame and sophisticated scent. Masterful blends of essential oils and fine fragrance notes ensure the best possible fragrance experience.


The Companys founder and Fragrancier, Michael Joseph Horn, has become a luminary in the world of fragrance and design. In collaboration with some of the worlds most talented perfumers, he has created a fragrance portfolio that is sophisticated, unique, and offers something to please nearly everyone. Fragrance concepts that originate from Natures bounty, intuitively blended into complex formulations that intrigue and inspire without overpowering the environment.


Our Seattle studio has been producing collectible art glass for over 30 years. We sell to stores across the US, Canada and a few places around the world.


The Coop Around Us offers an abundance of riches for the garden and home.


Hand crafted, all natural and purely delightful, herbal soaps from the Shadow Wings Farm located in our very own Blue Ridge Mountains of Northern Georgia.


Three fabulous outlets for handmade, colorful garden sculptures that have been made from recycled steel, oil cans, old metal signs and car parts.


Kalalou, doing business in over nine countries with over 1500 products is a name that represents the unique product mix that fills their ever expanding catalog. The word Kalalou is Creole in origin for a type of soup that is never made the same way twice, much like many of the company’s artisan products.


From Florida, "The Fork Guy" uses first quality Oneida forks to sculpt unique wind spinners for your kinetic enjoyment.


"Our Mission at Iron Art Glass Designs is to provide a great product, value and service to our resellers. As a independent family operated company we know the pressure that lies in purchasing inventory for a store. That is why we carefully select the products we produce and allow our customers to make a small investment in comparison to the value they receive in their goods. As part of Our Mission, we are always willing to help our customers and encourage comments and suggestions. We view all sales with our customers as a long term partnership and hope that once the goods are received, that the reaction of being flabbergasted like we are when we receive them."


Stephen Kitras began working as a glass blower in 1988. He studied at Sheridan College located in Oakville, Ontario Canada. It is the vision of Kitras Art Glass to be recoginized as an excellent Canadian glass blowing studio that produces innovative, beautiful and decorative glass objects. We strive to create designs that enhance the modern home, garden and lifestyle. We believe that beautiful things enhance the enjoyment of everyday life.


Viz Glass is a pioneer and leader in the glass art industry. We have breathed new life into a traditional art form by refining how art glass will be produced, marketed, and sold in the global market place. Until Viz Glass Studio developed its techniques, styles and range, glass art had always been relegated to the high end galleries and design centers. This limited the glass art medium to a small range of eclectic and wealthy collectors. Viz Glass has opened up the doors of the art glass world allowing this art form to be obtainable to a wider range of people, while still maintaining the integrity of the art form. Every piece Viz Glass creates is an individually hand blown one of a kind art object for the home, business, and collectors, offered at a price point that is unparalleled and seldom seen before in the market place. Since every piece is individually crafted it may vary in color and size from the picture shown online.


"John and Wendy Gilvey, Michael Benzer and Jennifer Smith founded Hudson Beach Glass in 1987. Our main studio is located in a renovated ice house in the Hudson Valley of New York state. In 2003, we opened our gallery and glass blowing demonstration studio on Main Street in Beacon, NY."


These treasures are all hand made Sea glass (beach glass) with fresh water pearls, sterling silver, mother of pearl, coconut, puka and glass beads, sea shells, bamboo and other natural components beautifully incorporated in eco-friendly, wearable art made from recycled wine, beer and softdrink bottles.


Located in beautiful Blue Ridge, in the north Georgia Mountains, Fishbone is a haven for locally made art in a booming mountain art town north of Atlanta. Home to Betty Wassmer Ceramics, Fishbone Gallery features the original creations of this noted ceramicist.


Each piece of glass displayed in our collection is handmade, created by the legendary glass blowers artist. The glass artist will use a variety of techniques and tools developed over the centuries to create these detailed works of art. Yurana Design presents beautifully hand sculptured and designed glass figurines in a shape of different animals, birds, fish, and figurative art. While the glass is molten, the artists create highly artistic compositions, giving to the items the endlessly diverse shapes. Because each pieces is individually created by the artist himself - no molds are used and no two are exactly alike. All pieces are produced in limited quantities; therefore, they are especially precious and valuable to anyone's collection. These decorative articles, many of which are of unique nature, will beautify every house interior, both classic and modern, and be able to give delight to you and your customers with its smooth and soft lines, expressiveness and refinement, brilliance of light and historical content.


Carved resin jewelry, with a uniquely modern look covers every corner of Favor, the retail side of Hotcakes Design Jewelry. Hotcakes Design began after a complete stranger bought designer Caramia’s newly created bracelet right off of her wrist! Since then she has crafted big bold pieces; nothing prim or proper here! All of her jewelry is made in her San Francisco studio, located in the historic Shreve building just two blocks from Favor.


Baijan glass is a top quality of hand made art glass from Azerbaijan Southwest of Russia. Since each piece is hand made (blown) you will never see two pieces that are exactly a like. These hand made art glass are unusual and exotic pieces that are hardly found anywhere else. Essie Zareh, using a multilayer color glass with his unusual design and exotic shapes creating a unique collection of glass art. Each color represents one layer of glass and there is no painting. Each piece is an original creation and there may be slight variation in size, pattern and color.


Cyan Design is the source for unique decorative objects. Decorative accessories for the most vibrant interior design. Over 2,100 designer accessories that are in stock and typically ship within 24 hours. Cyan Design continuously updates our product line of ornamental objects, stunning glass vases, garden and patio objects, embellished frames, mirrors, wall decor and a vast collection of the finest lighting fixtures. Home remodelers, interior designers, decorators, and independent retail customers all rely on Cyan Design's vast inventory and award-winning customer service.


The creators of the original handcrafted art-glass nail files, Eye for the Find also features high-quality handcrafted dichroic glass jewelry, beaded bracelets, dichroic glass coasters for the home or office, stunning art-glass collages, beaded dog collars and glass files for dog grooming, and fanciful writing papers. Eye for the Find is a Portland, Oregon-based woman-owned company that ascribes to fair trade practices.


A unique collection of Vermont designed thermometers, rain gauges, walking sticks, ornaments and other home & garden gifts handcrafted from natural wood, stone and metal.


Born in Philadelphia, PA, Michael Trimpol was first introduced to glass working during a high school stained glass course in Stowe, Vermont. He pursued a career in stained glass while attending Concordia University in Montreal designing and creating many residential commissions as well as several public installations. Frustrated with the limitations of the two dimensional process, he enrolled at Sheridan College School of Craft & Design in Mississauga, Ontario to learn the art of glassblowing. Upon graduation in 1985, he was accepted for a residency at Harbourfront Craft Studios, one of Toronto's most popular tourist destinations. Shortly after he left Harbourfront in 1989, he established his own company Hotglass Inc. in Mississauga, Ontario for which he designed and created a full line of blown glass products. In 1995, Michael relocated to Stowe, Vermont and founded Little River Hotglass Studio. He currently designs and manufactures a diverse body of product in addition to overseeing the operations of the studio.


"Our unique collection is the result of over 20 years of collaboration. Many of our designs are influenced by nature and the world around us. We enjoy combining natural materials with found and recycled objects to give our designs a time-worn yet renewed feeling. We hope you enjoy each and every handmade piece."