"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls." ~ Pablo Picasso

Art glass captures the dance of light and color like nothing else. Artists conjure extraordinary beauty from the mercurial medium of glass. Fill your home with elegance with these handcrafted art glass vases, vessels, bottles, jars, ornaments, bowls, paperweights, sculptural pieces, perfume bottles and more, showcasing the talents of some of the finest glass artists in North America. Come in and discover the largest selection of contemporary art glass in North Georgia. We have beautiful, hand crafted glass gifts to suit all budgets.


These works of glass art may be blown, lampworked, flameworked, or fused to create pieces that add creativity and beauty to your home. Whether you are seeking a functional piece of art glass with a well known name or a magnificent original piece for your showcase, Multitudes Gallery takes pride in offering something special in glass for everyone. The occassion may call for that quintessential gift or maybe just a wonderful addition to your art collection.

Every year, we search far and wide for the most exquisite ornaments created. From glittering spheres to hearts and saucers, discover a remarkable variety of ornaments for inspired gift giving and celebrating all year round. All ornaments are individually created by artists working in small, independent studios, not in factories.

The crafting of vases and vessels can be traced back thousands of years back in human history. Function and beauty meet in a vase like no other form. With the acquisition of this type of art, a bridge is crossed and the magic of art appreciation meets the beauty of nature forever serving one another in your home. Multitudes Gallery can help you to explore an incredible selection of art glass vases and vessels, each the result of an artist's unique vision.

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” ~ Edgar Degas

What better way to accent your wardrobe than with unique necklaces, pendants, earrings and rings that are, themselves, works of art? Distinctive and modern, this wearable art is a beautiful way to express your personal and unique statement of style. Multitudes offers not only a wide range of adornments for every budget, but an impressive variety of materials and styles in handcrafted jewelry.

Our jewelry inspires gift giving that transcends the common. We exhibit several important designers and artists such as Michael Michaud and Sarah Cavender, while concurrently representing amazing talent in more local artists such as Sara Bonk, Dane Gamble and Angela Duffin.


Jewelry, like art, is so many things to so many people. Beyond being a beautiful adornment, fine art jewelry can be a gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself. It can be a special rememberance or a bond between generations. It can inspire confidence and show the world a piece of your spirit at a glance. Come in and find your perfect piece of jewelry!


Ceramic vessels were among the first manufactured objects to fulfull a need. Functional, ceremonial, or decorational, the history of pottery is rife with examples of human ingenuity and the ability to effectively overcome the problems of everday life in our different envireoments while simultanously managing to express how we feel about those lives and what they mean through artist expression. At Multitudes Gallery, you are sure to find what you like in pottery. We have been fortunate enough to share our space with Betty Wassmer and her Fishbone Studio. The wonderful creation of art pottery is happening daily, right there in our gallery, as Betty creates; building, painting and firing all of her pottery treasures.


Her specialty in folk art pottery and her uniquely vibrant pallet make collecting Fishbone Pottery pieces a fun and exciting way to add creativity and beauty to your home.

We are proud to represent today's finest artists as they transform porcelain, stoneware, and earthenware clay into a diverse array of art. From functional pottery to sculptural wall hangings, these works of ceramic art may be wheel thrown or hand built, then kiln fired, pit fired, or fired using raku techniques.

"Life is short, the art long." ~ Hippocrates

Aquiesse has become a leader in the home fragrance industry with an innovative, classic and timeless product line recognized exceptional quality and unparalleled value. Coveted by the most discerning fragrance connoisseurs, chic shoppers, and celebrity clientele, Aquiesse is distinguished in its mastery of exquisite fragrance compositions inspired by nature. While fragrance remains the cornerstone of the Brand, fashionable packaging & home decor and environmental concerns are paramount in creating our portfolio of Aesthetic Scents. Our soy candles make the best of gifts.


Any candle can light a room. A RibbonWick Candle transforms the room by engaging your senses with its hypnotic flame and sophisticated scent. Masterful blends of essential oils and fine fragrance notes ensure the best possible fragrance experience in these surprizingly longlasting treasures. The fabulous Woodwick Candles actually have a wooden wick candles that crackles when they burn! These highly fragranced Candles are offered in a myriad of decorative glass, ceramic and pottery vessels and feature a natural wooden wick to create the soothing sound of a crackling fire. Fragrance never sounded so good! Multitudes Gallery is proud to offer the largest selection of Woodwick and Ribbonwick Candles as well as the exclusive offering of Aquiesse brand candles in Blue Ridge.


There are no rules for art! Take it outside! You can add instant style and color to your outdoor living space with our grand selection of outdoor decor and garden art. Our all weather art is created to love life outside or inside. Transform your garden, porch, barn, potting shed or even your chicken coop to a colorful and snazzy area that will really show off your spirit.

Multitudes Gallery hosts a beautiful courtyard market, The Coop Around Us, that offers an abundance of riches for the garden and home. At the gallery, we call the courtyard our "secret garden" because it's just a little bit magical to find this outside cache of goodies, nestled behind the fabulous gallery.

All year around, Multitudes offers a playful menagerie of colorful garden sculptures that have been made from recycled steel, oil cans, old metal signs and car parts. These whimsical creatures are fun both indoors and out. We also offer paintings on beautifully time-aged barnwood, rain guages, garden globes and a seemingly endless bounty of choices to add a touch of blithe and beauty to your outdoor space.

"Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known." ~ Oscar Wilde

We love this quote from artist Curtis Brock: "Where there is glass, there is light. Where glass and light meet, you may find magic." Multitudes offers a beautiful selection of table, wall, floor and accent lights in different mediums. Curtis' art glass is outstanding, his lights are extraordinary. With the influx of common glass lamps and hanging lights out there these days, the exclusivity of hand crafted, signed, art glass lamps becomes quite special. We are proud to offer the extraordinary; the unique.


In addition to our beautiful hanging glass fixtures and table lamps, we offer a very nice selection of authentic, hand crafted, eco-friendly, Eangee Lights. Composed of renewable and recycled materials with food based dyes and low-impact finishes, these "leaf lamps" are a fabulous way to splash color and inspire delight in any room. These lights are available in many varying sizes, from large floor lamps to charming nightlights.


Some of today's finest artists create original oil, acrylic, watercolor, and pastel paintings as well as pencil and ink drawings, taking each medium in bold new directions. Discover landscapes, still lifes, Wildlife, and abstract works of art that add creativity and personality to your home.

Paintings can convey a wealth of beauty and emotion. When a painting, a creation of the artist speaks to you on some level, you should make it a permanent part of your life. Multitudes offers the art of several painters of varying mediums, representing realism, impressionism, abstract, modern and traditional paintings that will grace your home.

"A room hung with pictures is a room hung with thoughts." ~ Joshua Reynolds

Music of the Spheres are our most popular windchimes. The choral collection allows you to create your own ensemble using many different chimes or simply choose one chime to begin with.
Some of the more familiar tunings are:
The Pentatonic: The major Pentatonic scale is the most widely used melodic scale in the world, dating from ancient Greece. Its pattern is familiar as the black notes of the piano keyboard. The chime contains all the notes to "Amazing Grace" as well as "The Eyes of Texas".
The Quartal: A musical palindrome, the Quartal scale is based on intervals of fourths and fifths. Its smooth and serene sound captivated American composers, notably Aaron Copland and Paul Hindemith, in the early twentieth century.
The Chinese: The Chinese, an inversion of the Pentatonic, is the lightest and sweetest of our scales, sure to evoke a sense of happiness. Its sweetness best complements the more serious Japanese and Balinese.
The Mongolian: The Mongolian scale, a livelier version of the Chinese, is reminiscent of church and temple bells. The major pentatonic scale in root position in the key of A, it harmonizes nicely with the Aquarian. Genghis Khan conquered an empire unmatched in size, yet never heard chimes as lovely as these.
The Nashville: The Nashville encompasses the complexities of the major seventh and ninth intervals of the pedal steel guitar. It evokes the serenity of a peaceful Highland Rim sunset.
The Hawaiian: The Hawaiian scale is Polynesian in flavor, reminiscent of a tangy sweet & sour sauce and tropical island breezes. It combines the best of major and minor pentatonic scales.
The Balinese: The Balinese scale recreates the magical strains of the Indonesian gamelon, at once joyous and plaintive.
The Japanese: The distinctive tones of the Japanese scale are at once deeply soothing and provocative. Its drama complements the more light-hearted Chinese and Balinese.
The Whole Tone: Claude Debussy, inspired by Balinese music at the 1896 Paris Exposition, began composing with this atonal scale, used for example in his piece "La Mer". Later, television's original Star Trek used it in the "beaming up" sequences. TV and film scores frequently feature it for underwater scenes, dream and "flashback" sequences.

It is clear to see and hear the amount of work and respect for product that goes into these incredible windchimes. Each of them is signed by the artist and comes with a 15 year warranty!

"Great art picks up where nature ends." ~ Marc Chagall

Merriam-Webster defines multifarious as "having or occurring in great variety : diverse". There are objects of art in Multitudes Gallery that just don't conform to the previously highlighted categories. Distinctive art is our specialty and, while the title of this category describes the essence of all our offerings, we want to make sure the scope of art was well represented. Among the category "multifarious", are internationally know artists such as Mary Frances, with her fabulous, hand-beaded purses and clutch bags. Each of these is an individual miracle of craftsmanship, all made in limited editions and offered here, in Blue Ridge, only at Multitudes Gallery.


The gallery is smathered with the most intriguingly beautiful flower arrangements made by Kalalou. Their size, color, construction and versatility are truly awe inspiring. Included in this category are the most fascinating, detailed little boxes and decorative birds with a steampunk essence that are created by Jim and Tory, who make our Mullanium jewelry line. The father and son team of Nathaniel and Theodore Nienow, from Minnesota, hand-craft stunning flower arrangements from fine wood. These wall and table accents are a rare find as an affordable, yet timeless and elegant gift.

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time." ~ Thomas Merton


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